How To Get Rich Quickly – Proven formulas and dirty tricks of retired businessman

 24 myths and truths about getting rich exposed!

You don’t have time to read all the books on getting rich and test all the different approaches they recommend to see which of them really work and which don’t?

Would you like if someone did everything that for you and shared just the concentrated knowledge in only one book, saving your money and your time?

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This book is all you need when you want to become wealthy quickly.

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  • Honest and realistic approach to earning quick money, with business techniques rich people use, but are ashamed to admit it!
  • You will not waste your time with motivational bullshit, which does not work in reality.
  • Shortcuts rich people use to become wealthy.
  • After reading the book you will understand those shortcuts too and you will become wealthy faster avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Eight years spent on research, study and testing  the get rich formulas.
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  • Extracted knowledge of more than 30 best selling books on personal development and money making.
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  • PDF was prepared for easy printing.
  • We have added techniques which rich use, but nobody writes about them because it does not make them look nice. Now YOU can use those dirty techniques TOO.
  • Written in simple language, so that anyone can understand the principles.
  • 145 pages packed with how to formulas, training and real stories of retired businessman.
  • Instead of spending $ 360 on all the books about getting rich, without the costs of seminars, audio books and lot of costly mistakes during testing the techniques which we had to pay, you will pay only $ 9.90 for this unique book valued $ 360!
  • You will save at least $ 330 in books only and at least three years of your life + you will get training materials used by professional coaches for which I had to pay more than $ 5,400! You will get those materials, which are implemented into the book, for free!
  • I will share with you also my failures which cost me more than $ 49,000, so that you can avoid mistakes I did! Learn from my mistakes, you will save lot of money.
  • Get access to hard and costly training which cost me more than $ 54,760 and get it today for only $ 9.90.
  • Wouldn’t you be better off if you invested in education first?
  • You will get rich much faster with simple techniques shown in the How To Get Rich Quickly!
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Contents of How To Get Rich Quickly (in PDF Format)

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Ben “This story will show you how you can turn around your life with single decision moment, backed by your strong emotions like fear, weakness or self-pity. No matter how long have you suffered as a loser, you can instantly change the direction of your life. You can see the first results in a week and reshape your character into brave success machine controlling your fears within three months!” Ben Doyle
 susan “Thank you Andrew for the “dirty tricks”. Now I know what to be cautious about when dealing with new business partners.” Susan
 Juan “I have read many self help books, but this one is finally one with honest approach to reasons and principles. No motivational bullshit, just realistic approach and hard work ahead of me. It gave me courage to stand up towards my fears and it opened my mind towards other people and myself. I finally took necessary actions to reach my dreams.” Juan
 eleen “This book is quite different from other Get rich books I have read. I am not sure if I liked the naturalistic approach to say how things are, but I believe it is completely truthful.” Eleen
avatar “I believe that after reading this book I finally forgave myself and my parents for my not so easy childhood, because I found inner strength and understanding.” Irina Pekarova
 avatar “Book is extremely inspiring and encourages reflection. It is very atypical and different from what the reader is usually used to and the story is full of emotions. Reading it was pleasant experience and I spend more time with it than I originally planned. The book is easy to read and it is difficult to stop reading. I don’t regret the time spent on reading it.” Katrina Smith
 avatar „I liked to read this book. It had great ideas, which I had to record down for future use.“ Maria Valigurska

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“I have spent more than 8 years studying everything about earning and managing money from the world best selling authors and testing their formulas in real life. You can get the extracted  knowledge from more than 30 best selling books, seminars and my own experience in one place for one price.“ Andrew Preshovus


Introduction.. 1

Myths and truth about money and successful people. 2

Shortcuts to becoming wealthy – How bribing works. 4

Having money is important. 7

Ways to get rich even quicker. 8

How to grow money. 10

Having much money is bad for your health and happiness. 11

Hard work and discipline vs. luck and fun at work. 12

Who is more successful in business? Honest people vs. liars, bribers, manipulators. 14

Systematic planning vs. intuition and ad hoc problem solving. 16

You need talent and charisma to become wealthy. 18

You need money to become wealthy. 19

Having the best product or service is the most important thing for having successful business. 20

I am a loser, I will never be wealthy. 21

The customer is always right. 24

Money will change your character and you will become a bad person. 25

You can become wealthy only by looking wealthy. 26

I am too old to become wealthy. 27

First you have to save money. 28

Live below your means and be frugal. 29

You have to keep yourself and your finances under control. 31

Don’t rent, buy. 32

I don’t need to write down plan, I have it in my head. 33

Time is money. 34

You have to be innovative and creative to become wealthy. 35

Spending time with your boss can increase your salary more than excellent performance. 37

Basic types of rich people. 39

Lottery winner. 39

Inherited wealth. 40

Marry a millionaire. 41

Illegal or immoral ways to get money – the quickest way. 42

Get a high paying job. 43

Business owner. 44

Training rejection by dating women. 47

Investor/Trader. 50

Real estate investor. 52

Intellectual property owner. 53

Paper assets owner. 54

Know yourself. 55

Principle of happiness and the meaning of your life. 58

Who am I?. 59

You can achieve anything you can imagine – once you will dedicate your life to it. 66

Your motivation, success and failures. 68

Wish for more problems to solve and wish for more skills. 70

Your mindset. 71

Your habits. 73

Strong will, hard work. 74

Time management, wasting time and focusing on priorities. 78

Example of daily schedule. 78

Money, debt and risks. 79

Accounting, numbers and analyzing assets. 81

Mentors and role models. 84

The rich you. 85

Studying is not enough! 87

Learn to handle your failures and successes. 88

You will make mistakes and that’s alright 89

When something bad happens to you, look closer, it can be a hidden blessing. 89

Forex disaster 91

You have to stay calm during the catastrophe. 93

High performance and relax. 93

How to spend your money. 95

Cash flow control 97

Assets and investing. 99

Types of assets. 100

Investing. 102

Ways to get rich.. 104

Business owner. 104

Market, marketing and SALES. 106

How to handle objections – theory. 110

How to handle objections – what really works. 110

Art of negotiation – learn how to say yes and no. 111

With whom to do and not to do business. 112

On breaking promises. 113

Managing people. 113

Hiring and keeping the right people. 115

25 free tips on hiring and managing people. 118

Example of operation manual for sales manager (SM) 120

Advices on leadership. 121

Six tips that will get you started. 125

Real estate owner. 126

Real estate investing check list 127

Rules for managing R/E property. 128

Paper assets owner. 130

Intellectual property owner. 131

Where can you learn and get experience. 132

Study books, read articles. 132

From mentor/coach. 132

Seminars/classes. 132

Learning by becoming an employee. 133

In your own business. 134

By investing experience. 134

Six steps that will make you successful. 136

1. Do you really, really want it?. 137

2. Goals setting. 137

3. Action plan. 138

4. Disciplined action. 141

5. Study. 141

6. Review your plans periodically. 142

Bonus chapters. 143

Owning vs. controlling. 143

You will get what you focus on and what you expect to get. 144

Warning! Brain programming and positive thinking. 144

Learn to program your mind. 145

How to visualize. 146

How to focus. 146

27 Recommended reading / listening / watching sources  147

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