24 myths and truths about getting rich exposed!

With business techniques rich people use...

...but are ashamed to admit it!

Do you also feel that something important is missing in all the get rich books you have read, because the author wants to be politically correct or wants to avoid a lawsuit?

You don't have time to read all the get rich books and to test all the different approaches, which they recommend, to see which of them really work and which are waste of your time and money?

You can now have all the concentrated and tested knowledge in only one single short book, which can be read in two days and you too can use the techniques, which were proven to work and skip those which were waste of time, energy and money.

I will share all my bare experience with you without any "politically correct" bullshit and unnecessary theory. And you will read also about embarrassing dirty tricks business situations, where I almost shitted my pants. Situations like when I received first accusation letter from big brand lawyer or when I was threatened to be physically terminated. That is the hidden part of business too.


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Maybe you think, that you need to be born with a special skills and character to get rich quickly.

But that is far from the truth ...

You don't need to be smarter to get rich. Actually you will be better off if you will keep your approach more stupid and more simple. Continue reading and you too will find the shortcuts how to get rich quickly.

Two years ago I was working for the money, but now I live of passive income. Two years is quite quick to reach the financial freedom.

I was born as a loser. But I worked hard on myself and the passive income I enjoy today is the result. You can enjoy it too.

I will show you what you need to do and what not to do, to achieve what I did. Are you interested?

Money is abundant. It is a flowing energy. You just need to be brave enough to redirect the flow towards your pocket. Who dares, wins.

It is not true that smarter people are more successful. Smart people are good employees. Brave people are good businessmen.

Do you consider yourself being brave? That is the only trait you need to become rich - being brave and persistant.

Do you dare to open your heart and mind to myths and truths about the rich?

Do you want to wake up and see how much have you earned during your sleep?

For few years it may be a hard road to follow, but it is worth it. It is road for courageous people. Do you want to be one of us?

Let me show you how.

By the end of your journey, your passive income will be the smallest of the benefits you will get. You will get rid of self-doubt and fear. The criticism of other people will stop hurting you, which means also your relationships will improve.

I have lost so much money in bad investments, bad business decisions and with wrong partners, that I was ruined for a few times. First I thought that academic degree will make me successfull and rich. So I finished my PhD. in management and marketing. What do you think? Did the PhD. made me rich?

All those steps were the priceless lessons I needed to learn. Now I will share those lessons with you almost for free.

Let yourself be guided by my experience and make your road to riches an easier one.

Life is so much SIMPLER, when you can stop caring about money problems...

When I am spending a beautiful day in the nature, with family or friends, with girlfriend ... when I simply keep lying beneath a tree and listen to nature around me ... it is amazing feeling being free of any worries, knowing that money flows to my bank account while I enjoy the life.

Do you want to wake up full of energy and start thinking about how will you spend this day? How will you spend the day like a free man?

Your happiness, health, relationships and your time are much more important than the money. You will understand it once you will cross the "I live of passive income" border. But let's improve your life step by step. First get rich and then, with the financial freedom, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. First take care of the physical and then of the spiritual.

Somebody said that to get rich takes 10 years on the average. Yes, it does if you have to grope... to find the road on your own. But your road will be a lot easier with the step by step instructions you will get.
Becoming rich in two instead of ten years is worth reading one book, right?


Avoid many costly mistakes and do only what WORKS.

How to GET RICH quickly - Proven formulas and dirty tricks of retired businessman. Andrew Preshovus, PhD. www.preshovus.com Honest and realistic approach to earning quick money, with business techniques rich people use, but are ashamed to admit it! Satisfaction guaranteed.
Bribes, quick money, cheating, health and happiness. I have spent more than 8 years studying everything about earning and managing money from the world best selling authors and testing their formulas in real life. You can get the extracted  knowledge from more than 30 best selling books, seminars and my own experience in one place for one price. Andrew Preshovus, PhD. www.preshovus.com

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Andrew Preshovus

"I have spent more than 8 years studying everything about earning and managing money from the world best selling authors and testing their formulas in real life. I have learned how to earn it, how to lose it and how to protect it. You can get the extracted  knowledge from more than 30 best selling books, seminars and my own experience in one place for one price.“ 
Andrew Preshovus

The eBook was read by few hundred readers. This is what they wrote me:

Ben “This story will show you how you can turn around your life with single decision moment, backed by your strong emotions like fear, weakness or self-pity. No matter how long have you suffered feeling as a loser, you can instantly change the direction of your life. You can see the first results in a week and reshape your character into brave success machine controlling your fears within three months!” Ben Doyle
 susan "Thank you Andrew for the "dirty tricks". Now I know what to be cautious about when dealing with new business partners." Susan
 Juan "I have read many self help books, but this one is finally one with honest approach to reasons and principles. No motivational bullshit, just real situations. And a lot of hard work ahead of me. It gave me courage to stand up towards my fears and it opened my mind towards other people and myself. I finally took necessary actions to reach my dreams." Juan
 eleen "This book is quite different from other Get rich books I have read. I was shocked by the open approach of saying "how things really are". I hope it is not that bad, but I believe it is truthful description of how businesses work." Eleen
avatar "I believe that after reading this book I finally forgave myself and my parents for my not so easy childhood, because I found inner strength and understanding." Irina Pekarova
 avatar “Book is extremely inspiring and encourages reflection. It is very atypical and different from what the reader is usually used to and the story is full of emotions. Reading it was pleasant experience and I spend more time with it than I originally planned. The book is easy to read and it is difficult to stop reading. I don't regret the time spent on it.” Katrina Smith
 avatar „I liked to read this book. It had great ideas, which I had to write down for future use in my life.“ Maria Valigurska

What you get with this eBook

  Realistic and practical step by step instructions to earn quick money, with business techniques rich people use, but are ashamed to admit it!
  You will not waste your time with motivational bullshit, which does not work for you in the real world.
    Shortcuts rich people use to become wealthy. After reading the book you will know those shortcuts too and you will become wealthy faster avoiding costly mistakes.
  Eight years spent on research, study and testing  the get rich formulasExtracted knowledge of more than 30 best selling books on personal development and money making.
All packed into one Book, so that you can save your reading time and your energy. Now you can use it for making real money like the new rich do and get the wealth and social status they have!
Book is written in simple language, so that anyone can understand the principles.
145 pages packed with how to formulastraining and real stories of retired businessman.
  You will save at least $330 in books only and at least three years of your life + you will get training materials used by professional coaches for which are worth more than $5,400! You will get those materials implemented into the book and you will get it now FOR FREE!
I will share with you also my failures which has cost me more than $49,000, so that you can avoid the same mistakes I did! Get the knowledge from my mistakes and you will save lot of money. You need to read this if you are serious about running your own business. Without those tips your business success ratio will be negligible.
  Get access to extraction of hard and costly trainings,  which has cost me more than $54,760 and get it today for only $29.90. That is a very good offer. You are lucky and you won a great deal.

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You don't know how many days do you still have available before you die so don't waste your time - it is the most precious resource you were ever given. This is what I have realized when I survived an almost fatal car crash.

Do you know what? The other important thing I realized is that I can't take the money with me once I die.
I wrote this book not to get richer, but to serve people like you.
It is an economic nonsense, but I will make YOU an amazing special offer today.

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73,764 words... 155 pages... 108 chapters. No academic language but sentences understandable by ordinary people. Lot of practical examples. Pointing out the important stuff. Specific steps for you to apply in your real life.

I will tell you all there is about making and protecting money... with details.

I was questioning myself, if I am not saying too much in the book, if I do not share too much personal and technical details. If I should not keep the book more "politically and legally correct" or to keep some knowledge for future seminars or future books...

... and my decision was that I will publish the book without compromises. I will protect myself by pseudonym and I will give you what you need to get, despite the risks I undertake. I have an ongoing lawsuit with my business ex-partner and some of the advices I give you, could be understood not so very well by the legal authorities.

You will get the maximum of what I know, the maximum of my experience. Everything I consider necessary for you on your path to riches. It is ready for you. Just click, order and it is yours.

Just for $29.90. Is it too much or too little? How much is know-how, which made me stop worrying about not enough money for the rest of my life, really worth?

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My book is not for everybody and I want to separate the grain from the weed. This book is just for people who really want to fulfill their dreams, who want to become financially free. For those who want to live their lives to the fullest and are dedicated to spend their time, energy and resources to get it. I am not interested in people who still lack the courage and the discipline to fulfill their dreams, people who dream of holly grail and can't stick to their plan for at least a year.

For those people who still do not have courage and discipline, I offer my help in my other book - From loser to Hero. Read the book and start strenghtening your courage and discipline step by step today!

It is up to you if you want to reach success and if you will invest $29.90 into your education and personal development. If you will get on the train, which is here and now waiting for you, but will be gone in a moment. Will you stay on the platform and you will see it leaving? It is up to you if you will spend the $29.90 and get on the train or...

... wake up in 5 years and tell yourself: "If I only had this valuable information 5 years ago and took the suggested actions ... I could be a millionaire by now."

Will you stay on the platform or will you get on the train to financial freedom?

As I told you, I am here to serve people and for people who are dedicated like I was, I offer a bonus. I really want to help you as much as possible. You can contact me on my e-mail if you want something explained in detail, but I get quite a lot of them, so I do not promise quick reply.

Here is the bonus for people who do not want to procrastinate - Buy the book now and you will get 6 bonus chapters for FREE.

What will you find in the bonus chapters

  • How to legally lower your taxes by 95%!
  • Different benefits when owning or controlling an asset.
  • Why are you always getting what you focus on and what you expect to get.
  • WARNING! Brain programming and positive thinking.
  • Techniques how to program your mind.
  • Techniques how to visualize and focus.

    and you will get it for FREE!


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Contents of How To Get Rich Quickly (in PDF Format)

>> I know enough. I want to buy the book and get the special offer <<

It is important to know that I do not offer „the easy road“ without getting hurt

As my favorite movie hero once said - It is not only about how hard you can hit. It is about how many punches you can take and how many times can you stand up and keep fighting.

You will have to work a lot in the beginning, to set up everything. But then you will get everyday passive income and I can promise you that the results you will get are worth the hard work!

"To get things you never had, you have to do things you have never done."

Somebody Smart

Trust your feelings. You probably feel that THIS is the road you want to go. The road of free time, abundant money and satisfying work. Buy the Book right now!

In few days you will forget about my offer or my offer may be gone ... and you will be back in your everyday problems. The road may be closed for you. Do what you need to do NOW!

Your dreams can be reached only when you ACT. Now just click on the ADD TO CART button and order your better future.


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