How to become what you want and get what you want

  1. You have to understand and decide what you really want – name your dreams, find your motivators and write them down.
  2. You have to find the right information – read book, article, ask your coach etc..
  3. Based on the right information you have to write down a plan – if it is not written, it is not a plan! Break the plan into smaller steps, which you can follow each day.
  4. You have to believe in yourself, your plan and your success – you will get what you expect to get.
  5. Visualize the successful outcome and realize your plan step by step each day – without taking action it will stay a dream and a plan.
  6. Enjoy reaching your goals.

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  • read inspirational story of former fighther, who started his life as a loser in book – From Loser To Hero.


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